Jerry 'River' Kaster, Ph.D.
It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.
Albert Einstein

Orphic Egg, Bryant 1775
The egg represents the cosmos; The snake the innate human curiosity and quest to understand.
Academic Year Calendar
Aquatic Invertebrate Function & Evolution 650
Function and adaptation of the marine and freshwater invertebrate groups emphasizing the evolutionary linkage between

Coupling Science and Business Ingenuity 650
Science and business are arguably the most influential endeavors on human culture and society. This course will look for linkages between the two fields. U/G

Benthic Ecology 621
Substrate-water interface ecology with accent on marine and freshwater invertebrates. Both lotic and lentic ecosystems are studied with a field oriented hands-on approach.

Sustainable Energy Systems and Industrial Management
This course teaches students concepts of sustainability as they relate to industrial management, operations, and technologies. The subject is integrated over several areas of industrial engineering, industrial ecology, physics, biology, business and economics, and social science into a comprehensive body of knowledge that students will be able to draw from during their careers.

Laguna Bacalar: Exploration of a Mayan Ecosystem

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Along with Val Klump we venture to Mexico's world class lake, Laguna Bacalar in the southern Yucatan Peninsula.
Winterim, January 9-18, 2012. U/G
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Contact: Jerry Kaster at for details.
Kayaking Laguna Bacalar