La Colombe
Roy Fairchild, 1996
Limited Edition 186/385 (sold out edition)
28" x 22" Aquatint
Sitting Nude
Roy Fairchild, 1993
Limited Edition 283/350 (sold out edition)
30" x 23"  Aquatint
Artist's Model
Roy Fairchild, 1994
Limited Edition 172/385 (sold out edition)
30" x 23" Aquatint

Jerry Kaster
Barbara Markoff 

Art For Sale

(from our 
private collection)

Cradle Song
Roy Fairchild
Limited Edition 213/465
55" X 42" Serigraph
Reposant II
Roy Fairchild, 1995
Limited Edition 72/385
30" X 23"
Murano Memories II
Roy Fairchild, 1995
Artist Proof 56/85
30" X 21.5"
Embellished Serigraph on Canvas 
(photo from limited edition series)
. . . . . in the eye of the beholder
Cradle Song
Subset 1 from serigraph
Cradle Song
Subset 2 from serigraph
Japanese Haori
Material: Pure Silk
Date: 20c Vintage
Condition: Excellent
Lining: Rabbit on Lake Biwa
Crests: 5 Double Hawk Feathers
Subset of Lining
Detail of Subset
Urban Art
Milwaukee Art Museum, Santiago Calatrava
Milwaukee by James Blakeway
Jaguar XJS Coupe, 1995 -- Best and Last of the Breed

Note that the Fairchild art is professionally float mounted and the pieces are beautifully gilt framed with no cost spared.   

All Fairchilds are framed