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Current Studies

•Hierarchical function in growth and collapse.
•Sustainability: Oxymoron or measurable goal
•Bridging the gap between knowledge and creativity (Sotl study).
•Integrative Water Resource Sustainabiity of Laguna Bacalar, Mexico.
•A hypothesis of matter and spacial continuity.


::Jerry "River" has spearheaded numerous projects over his career.
He initiated the founding of an international, professional scientific journal, now in its 32nd year. In June,  2001, He was honored by North American Benthological Society for “providing the foundation for JNABS”, at the 49th Annual Meeting.

::He initiated the National Geographical Society funded discovery and exploration of the underwater hydrothermal vents in Yellowstone Lake; 20+ years running and now researched by scientists from around the world.

::River has explored some of the premier lakes in the world, including the famed Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia where his group was the first western scientists to circumnavigate the lake. This led to a long-term scientific exchange between US and Russian scientists.

::He has received continuous scientific funding for 30 years from corporate, government and private sources, resulting in a host of publications and opportunity for graduate students.

::He holds two scientific patents in biofiltration and nuisance mussel control.

::Rivers’s latest project is the founding of Laguna Bacalar Institute in 2007, that is dedicated to preserving the pristine waters of Laguna Bacalar, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico (www.LagunaBacalarInstitute.com).

::Selected as a Scholar in Teaching and Learning 2009-2010; His study is titled “Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Creativity”.

::Started the program "When Children Change a Community" -- Local Action, Global Impact.
(part of the Laguna Bacalar Institute)

     Explorer of Interfaces
"Let us put our minds together to see what life we can make for our children"                                         Tatanka Yotanka